Benefits of wearing the right boots for sweaty feet

7 Tips To Prevent Simple Feet Sweat At Home

Foot sweating is normal. But if you sweat too much, you may have hyperhidrosis. Excessive sweating feet can also affect health such as foot fungus, odor, etc.

According to the World Hyperhidrosis Association, about 5% of people suffer from this condition. The sweat glands in the feet keep sweating a lot, making many people feel shy and ashamed.

There are many ways to solve this problem and limit hyperhidrosis. Here, I will show you some simple tips to prevent foot sweat from appearing.

1. Work Boots For Sweaty Feet

Look for a suitable pair of boots to go, it will help your feet to be dry, cool. So what are the Best Work Boots For Sweaty Feet?

  • The shoes must be comfortable and breathable: Shoes should be made from breathable materials to help circulate air well. This will keep the feet dry and cool.
  • Short Shafts: Should choose short-neck shoes, because the air will flow through your ankle more than the high-neck shoes.
  • Night legs and shock-proof soles: The majority of workers often have to stand and walk for many hours with little rest. This makes the feet, knees, back easily tired. Wearing shockproof shoes can help keep your joints safer.
  • The sole must be slip-resistant: Imagine if you have to walk on a smooth and slippery surface, it will be very easy to fall and cause bodily injury. Wearing non-slip soles will help make your steps more stable.

Benefits of wearing the right boots for sweaty feet

Therefore, it is necessary to wear a pair of shoes that are suitable for people with foot sweat. It will help you avoid many troubles such as No more smell, avoid injury.

2. Wear correct socks

You should choose the best socks for each season and for the activities. The material should be made of cotton because of good sweat permeability and ventilation. Wool is suitable for winter. Avoid choosing nylon materials.

Some socks also have chemicals to reduce bacteria that make the foot sweat less and limit odor.

3. Anti-fungal powder

Primarily used to suck sweat to keep feet dry.

4. Antiperspirant

This is also a way for you to limit the appearance of foot sweat. According to dermatologists, you should use it at night before going to bed and wash it when you wake up. First up, use regularly in 3-4 nights. Then about 1-2 times a week.

5. Drink adequate water

Water helps regulate body temperature, thereby reducing the likelihood of foot sweating. Especially in the summer or during exercise, you should drink enough water.

6. Wash your feet

The foot wash will cool the skin, so that foot sweat appears less. So try to wash your feet 1-2 times a day. After washing your feet, be sure to wipe the feet dry with a clean towel, especially between your toes. You can then use anti-fungal powder and put on breathable socks and shoes.

7. Wear spare socks

When you can’t wash your feet, change your socks. Of course, it must be well absorbent and breathable.

So I have shared with you some simple tips to limit foot sweat appear. Hope it will be helpful for you. Thank you!

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